Flat Roofing


                       We offer a variety of different waterproofing systems to suit the needs of all types of flat roofs. You can see below the systems we offer. If you need more information about which may be most suitable for your roof, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Single Ply

Single ply is a cost-effective flat roofing system that can be used on both large and small projects. It can be used as part of a warm and cold roof waterproofing system. Single ply is suitable for new and exisitng buildings. We are approved installers of the following single ply manufacturers:



Hot Melt

Hot melt is an increasingly popular roofing system primarily used on large commercial projects, but can also be used on small domestic projects. It is particularly useful when looking to waterproof a concrete deck or when the roof will provide more than just a waterproofing layer (e.g. it is very common to have paving or a green roof on top of a hot melt system). Another reason hot melt is often the desired product for a roof is that it is one of the only systems that can be applied to a completely flat structure. We are approved installers of the following hot melt manufacturers:



Liquid Applied Roofing

Liquid polymer is a cold liquid applied waterproofing system. Perhaps the most flexible roofing system we offer, liquid polymer is suitable for anything from a small repair to a large scale commercial project. We are approved installers of the following liquid polymer manufacturers:




Another flat roofing alternative, also known as bituminous membrane; felt is a suitable option for both new builds and overlaying exisiting roofs. We are approved installers of the following felt manufacturers:



Green Roofs

 A green roof can be installed on top of most flat roofing products. For more information about green roofs and if they are suitable for your project please contacts us.

An example of a green roof completed on a client's extension on top of a liquid polymer roof